NYC TO MSP / photos: AKcollective / model: Millie Gibson

We set it up. Had the date & ideas in advance. 
It was the best option -- since we reside in different cities, Millie, in NYC -- and me, in Minneapolis.
She messaged me - “let’s shoot when I’m in town!”
I replied - “definitely!”
Under the sky light - in the studio.
The first look - I snap the camera a few times, testing. Then we get into a flow, counting down  from 3-2-1 into the sound of jazz and the click of the photo being taken.

Take some detail shots, then on to the next.

Second look - soft light. chains. 

Behind the scenes, it’s just the two of us,
Listening to music & talking about our next moves.

Third look - Millie in the black and white jacket.
In the hallway, through the windows -- 
Up close & personal, finding her in my lens.

We talk about visiting the city soon -- 
She says I have to come see her space --
I agree.

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